Virtual training

Building a Mental Toolbox

Course Topics

Week 1: Beliefs|Week 2: Resilience |Week 2: Impact | Week 3: Habits | Week 4: Affirmations | Week 5: SMART Goal Setting | Week 6: Performance Evaluations | Week 7: Video Analysis

Online sessions can be conducted individually or as a packaged program leaving players and coaches  with a personal development resource guide for life.

Player/coach development

Course Topics

10 Principles of Coach & Player Development

Sessions can be conducted for coaches and players with groups/teams in a packaged online program.

"Mental Fitness is so much more than a positive mindset. It is knowing how to change the conversation in your head. How to snap out of frustration and doubt on the field, how to prepare before and evaluate after. Mental fitness teaches how to set goals, see progress, and re-evaluate to stay motivated and focused."

-STEADY Mental Fitness Training Client